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Wellbeing on the curriculum

In St. Mary's Academy CBS, we are committed to promoting wellbeing for all members of our school community. There are four pillars to our Junior Cycle Wellbeing programme: Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE), Physical Education (PE), Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE), and Forás. CBS WB.jpg


Civic, Social and Political Education is a Junior Cycle Short course in our school. It is a one-hour class per week for first, second- and third-year students. It is taught across three strands: 1) Rights and Responsibilities 2) Global Citizenship 3) Exploring Democracy. There is no textbook for CSPE therefore students have a designated copy for this subject which they use in class weekly along with various handouts and resources provided by their teacher. CSPE is an interactive subject where discussion of current topics is actively encouraged. In second or third year a CBA will be completed as part of the assessment of this subject.


Physical Education is a main pillar of our junior cycle Wellbeing programme. The subject aims to develop students as competent, confident and autonomous physical activity participants in a range of physical activities. It aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions on their involvement in physical activity either through the pursuit of recreational participation or sport. It supports students’ motivation to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle while instilling an appreciation of the benefits of physical activity participation. 1st and 3rd year students have 1 PE class per week, with 2nd year students having 2 classes per week.


Social, Personal and health Education is a Junior Cycle Short course in our school. It is a one-hour class per week for first, second- and third-year students. Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) provides a unique space where students can develop the knowledge, understanding, skills, dispositions and values needed to support their physical, emotional and social wellbeing, now and in the future. This course places a strong focus on the development of important life skills that young people need growing up in a fast changing and complex world. Specifically, it focuses on developing the core social and emotional skills of self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, social awareness and relationship skills. Materials and resources required for SPHE are provided in school. In second or third year a CBA will be completed as part of the assessment of this subject.


Forás (Evolution, Growth, Development) is a 33-hour programme developed in consultation with staff, students and parents in our school to support the transition of students from primary school to St. Mary’s Academy CBS. It is delivered across three strands: 1) Learning to Learn – delivered by the Guidance Counsellor 2) Digital Skills and Online safety 3) Active and Connect, which seeks to make connection between students and between students and our school and community.

Wellbeing in action

Although there are designated wellbeing hours on every student's timetable in the form of PE, SPHE, CSPE and Forás - the promotion of positive wellbeing in St. Mary's Academy is not restricted to the classroom or timetable. Our teachers and students have positive relationships which are built on trust and honesty. Students are encouraged to achieve their potential in a holistic sense.

Students begin each day in St. Mary's Academy CBS with a "Registration" class where they meet with their classmates and a designated teacher who records their attendance. This registration class promotes punctuality and organization for our students but also gives them a warm and positive start to their day. Students can use this time to ask their class "tutor" any questions and/or voice any concerns they may have. This time has proven to be extremely beneficial where students forge relationships with their fellow students and teachers.

Each year group has a dedicated "Year Head" teacher who helps them throughout the year and is often the link between parents/guardians, the student and the school. This relationship is central to ensuring that all students in St. Mary's Academy CBS achieve their potential in all aspects of their educational journey.

Throughout the year and a student's time in St. Mary's Academy CBS, there are events which help them to reflect and grow. In recent years we have participated in Cycle Against Suicide, Darkness into Light, Active School's Week and many more. See photos below for a flavour of the activities that we have taken place in St. Mary's Academy CBS recently.

You will find full details of the comprehesive Wellbeing Programme Here



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