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A huge thanks to everyone who supported the recent Parents Association Fundraiser!

Over 300 bags were dropped off for the recent clothes collection.

Thanks to each and every one of you


Educational research on the involvement of parents in schools shows that children achieve higher levels when parents and teachers work together.

The Parent Association is the structure through which, parents/guardians in a school can work together for the best possible education for their children.

The main aims of the Parent Association are:

1. To promote and foster co-operation between home and school.

2. To act in an advisory and consultative capacity in relation to the school.

3. To promote the educational and welfare interests of the students.

In working with the principal, staff and the board of management, effective partnership between home and school is enhanced.The contribution of parents to St. Mary's Academy CBS is immense and we have been very fortunate that so many parents have come forward to work on behalf of the parent body to to improve the educational experience for all our students. The current chairperson is Ms. Jo Shannon and she alongside the many members of the association has continued the magnificent contributions of her predecessors.

There are so many areas for you to be involved in -

→ The Parent Association can advise the principal and Board of Management on policy issues that may require a review e.g. Bullying, Safety, Homework, Enrolment, etc

→ Can suggest and/or organise extra-curricular activities

→ Is a support for parents in the school

→ Can invite speakers to address the parents on issues which are topical or relevant

→ Assists with our annual Career's Fair

New members are always welcome, and we urge you join us in your son's educational journey.

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