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STEM is based on skills generally using the left half of the brain and thus is logic driven. Much research and data shows that activities like Arts, which uses the right side of the brain supports and fosters creativity, which is essential to innovation. Clearly the combination of superior STEM education combined with Arts education (STEAM) should provide us with the education system that offers us the best chance for regaining the innovation leadership essential to the new economy

2021 Collaboration between 2nd year class group , Trinity College & the National College of Art and Design

"We were very impressed with the responses and we think your students are a very creative and observant group of young people"

Dr Kamila Kwasniewska
Research Fellow
Botany Department
School of Natural Sciences
Trinity College Dublin

‘The Lichen Art Citizen Science Project’

This project brought to life the connections between Science, Art and Poetry. Class 2H worked on a outstanding project and produced a wonderful piece of artwork which captures the imagination.

Lichen each Other - (2nd Year Student)

Soft, bushy, green is he

Helps the environment and even helps me

In love with the branch, together they bloom

Without each other, leads to its doom

Covering the branch, quite chaotic

What can I say, they are symbiotic

The branch, the book, the lichen, the colour

Together they complete one another

Shaped like saucers, textured like mushrooms

Some like it, while others hate fumes

Colonising conditions, soothing to severe

Living in clusters, gives insight on clean air

They are bio-indicators of hygiene in our little sphere

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